24 December 2007

It's Christmas Eve

I am feeling Christmassy through and through. There's a big pile of presents all wrapped up that we need to pack into our car, then its off to Lynton. Christmas by the sea with Exmoor goats and ponies, muddy walks, too much food and open fires. Fab-tastic.

I wonder what Santa's got me...

08 December 2007

Off again

I realise that I haven't being paying as much attention to my darling blog as I should. That said, I have been busy behind the scenes. Making birthday cards, Christmas cards and also trying to organise my Ma work.
The problem is paper cuts take a long time, a lot of patience and if you make a mistake you either have to alter your design or start again. I really enjoy slipping into my own little creative daydream but it doesn't leave much time for other things.

I've been plotting too, I definitely have a POA - Plan of Action, that takes me through Christmas and up to Feb. I think, I may be wrong, that after all the time spent panicking about not getting anywhere, I'm actually organised! But like I said, I could be wrong.

I'm off again now, going to North Devon for goat & pony spotting, muddy walks, food, drink & family. Perfect!

26 November 2007

Weekend Woop!

At the weekend I went to see Bill Bailey and laughed until my jaw ached. I spent a night in Birmingham then one in Cov, ate curry, saw good pals and my adorable niece. I shopped, but didn't over spend, it was fab!
Now all I need is a weekend to recover from my weekend.

20 November 2007


I've had the chance to do lots of monoprinting recently - fab!

I do love making a mess with lots of ink.

16 November 2007

Busy Busy

I have a hundred things to do, but I'm enjoying being busy. I think its important at this time of year, when things are frozen and shrouded in fog, to run around and keep active. Otherwise I'd slip into sleepy hibernation, only to emerge in the spring having achieved nothing.

I'm off to Devon this weekend to see the sea, ponies and goats.

30 October 2007

28 October 2007

Paper monsters

More papercut monsters, the tricky bit seems to be lightings them correctly so that you can see the shadow from the paper cut:

I'm hoping to create more paper cuts and then get into the photography studio to take some really dramatic shots. I'm quite fond of these little guys.

21 October 2007

Warwickshire Schools Book Award

Here is a poster I did this week for the Warwickshire Schools Book Award, I still like to dabble in Graphic Design now and again.

20 October 2007

What's my hypothesis?

I got asked this question this week and I know I've got one, I just don't know where it is!
It's here somewhere amongst the hours of work I've put into my studies, maybe it's been buried amongst all my paper? Nope, it must be in my sketchbook then...

The search continues...

I know it's something to do with shadows, and monsters, and childhood, and not being scared of the dark but finding it fun... admiring the fact that shadows have no substance, you cannot hold one, and yet they can be dramatic, or scary, or help us to define what we see. They are ethereal, transient, otherworldly, occult, deceitful, nostalgic, evocative, everyday, distorted or mysterious.

19 October 2007

Paper cuts

These three little monsters were very fiddly to make, they will soon have more friends of various designs and colours.

17 October 2007


Sadly no sheep, however there were these two hanging out by the pool.

05 October 2007


I'm off on my hols tomorrow, I can't wait, it's been a long time since the last one! Sun, sea, sand... meals out, drinks at night... terrible.

I shall miss these guys though, I see them every day and I doubt that the resort I'm going to will have three cement sheep... you never know though.
Back in a week. x

04 October 2007

Shadow beasties

That's right folks, I am still playing with cardboard and light to make little shadowy monster friends. Here are some recent snaps.

27 September 2007

Bookcases and desks...

I'm queen of the boxes at the moment, don't ask me where anything is because I couldn't tell you. I dream of having lots of shelves with all my things lined up on them so I can see things and more importantly find them.

I long for a desk too, I couldn't bring my old one - it wouldn't fit... sob.

I'm writing an essay for my Ma at the mo and off to a wedding at the weekend, but maybe, just maybe, I'll get straight next week.

25 September 2007


It's finally happened, I have moved. I can now be found in Guildford, not far from the river... It's rather lovely.
The plan is to reorganise my life so that working for pennies is less of an issue., and illustration and design become my main area of concentration...like I said that's the plan. I'll take a couple of days to get settled and we'll see what happens.

I'll be whizzing back up the M40 regularly for Uni and to make sure I don't miss this little lady:

03 September 2007

New things soon, I promise

I have super busy, so many changes at the moment, the move to Guildford is imminent!
Between spending my time on the M40 and trying to catch up with all my friends I've been neglecting, I have been on self promotion overdrive. The royal mail must love me, I'm sure.
I do have some new illustrations to put up here, I just need to grab a moment to get them all on here. So hold tight folks, and check back soon, good things are coming I promise.

Right now however, I need some caffeine.

20 July 2007

Restricted access

I have been busy behind the scenes, lots of work going on. However, I don't have the best internet access at the moment, I can get email ok but anything remotely more fancy than that seems too much to hope for. So instead of trawling the web for long lost chums I've thrown myself into self promotion overdrive.

There is a certain comfort to actually living life in the real world, instead of electronically, although it seems to be raining more outside.

I've been painting piggies again, photos of them to come shortly. Hopefully more stuff for the shop...Who will buy my beautiful piggies?

Recent photos

28 June 2007

I have moved!!!

Phew! What a lot of hard work. It was very sad leaving the house, many happy memories there. Still onwards and upwards...

20 June 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Not may posts at the moment because I'm busy packing my life into boxes ready for the move next week, after that I hope to be back on form.


12 June 2007

Shadow beasties

Recently I've been hanging out with these fellas:

I've been cutting out the little guys and lighting them differently/changing the angle of the view and coming up with some pleasing results. I had an idea of a little book that comes with a torch and each page looks fairly plain untill the light hits it and shadows are cast across it.

I quite like the idea of having an army of little paper monsters coming out of the page, all looking at you with their shadowy hollow eyes.

10 June 2007


Well, due to the impending move, I've been going through stuff trying to get rid of things that
A - I don't need + B - won't have room for anymore.
I came across this fab photo booth project from the first year of my Ba. I love it, I'd completely forgotten I'd done, but it makes me smile every time I see it.

It was done in the old style photo booth machines - the ones that take four different photos in a strip, not the modern ones that take one digital pic and print it 4 times in a square. The idea was to look like different personalities in each pic, meaning i had to change hats and wigs in between flashes. I'm extra pleased with it because I remember I did it first time and I look so young, Ah....

On the research front I have discovered an animated short by Peter Peake released by Aardman (those crazy types who did Wallace & Gromit) in 1998. Its about two bored shadow guys, who live in a shadow world, and decide to make shadow puppets to pass the time but its quirky, funny and sarcastic - all my favourite things.

I personally would have preferred it if some monsters were involved too, but hey you can't have everything. Here is a little shadow ghost done in the spirit of Peter Callesen.

01 June 2007

Paper scissors....

I've been super busy this week - I've been to Solihull, Birmingham, Nottingham and London catching up with friends and generally exploring places. I've also been sorting out the house, so much stuff to find new homes for when we move... does anyone want a lawn-mower?

Anyway, I've rediscovered a favourite artist of mine - Peter Callesen. The things this chap does with a single piece of A4 paper blows me away. He must have the patience of a saint, I'm sure I'd go off the rails trying to do anything so intricate.

It is relevant to my research into shadows. His work is made from white paper so it is the way the light hits it, and shadows of each form he creates, that give the work depth.

26 May 2007


Leonardo Da Vinci made a scientific study of light and shadow in nature. He concluded that there were three elements to objects - 3 dimensions - each defined by light & shadow. His note books 1452 - 1519 contain a study of PENUMBRAE the zone of partial shadow where an object is only partially obscuring a light source.

I also plan to look at Caravaggio - the techniques of Tenebrism & Chiaroscuro (?), Albrecht Durer, Rembrandt... and the scene in Peter Pan where he looses his shadow and Wendy sews it back on.
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