28 February 2007

Playing with shadows

Well I'm a year older, and feeling pretty good. I've had some gorgeous meals with friends and got some pretty cool presents too.

Besides gadding about celebrating, I've been playing with shadows. I'm also considering making a puppet theatre... not that I have much free time right now, I keep thinking of stuff to try.

Ooo and much to my geeky excitement, I'm waiting for some fantastic paints I ordered - Dr Ph Martin's oh yeah. I can't wait.....

22 February 2007


I had a lovely day yesterday roaming the streets of London. I went to the Museum of childhood, Atalntis Arts and the Tate Modern.

Atlantis Arts is like a treasure trove of all the things an artist could want and so much more. I was completely overwhelmed like a kid in a sweet shop.

Here's photo's from my day.

17 February 2007

The man in my head

I've been researching all things 'childhood' and even planning a little visit to the 'Museum of Childhood' in London. (can you believe there's a museum of such a thing... they'll be bottling it next)

Anyway this research has led to the digging out of photos of me as a little horror, and most disturbingly this one. Not only am I impersonating a boy on a beach, but there is someone (I think it may be my brother) crawling into my head!

That's the problem with research - you can end up finding out some alarming things.

12 February 2007

Peg leg

I had a dream the other night that the guy in the flat above me had a peg leg and was clonking around on it, he made holes in my ceiling too. All a bit upsetting and strange. No polyfiller in the dream...

I'm in the process of hatching a cunning plan - can't say much - its all about self promotion don't cha know.


08 February 2007

Woop! New site!

Yay! Hoorah!

My new website is now up and seems to be running ok.

Except the shop which, despite some laborious code fiddling, still wants to spread out in a crazy formation. Any suggestions on how to discipline such a naughty page then please let me know.

But otherwise Yay and Yay again!

Check me out : http://www.ickleson.co.uk

Now all I need is some more lovely work to poke on there.

But first, as a reward for my hard work, I'm going to scamper about in the snow.

Woop, where's my scarf.


It's snowing.

06 February 2007


Well, eight o'clock last night and I get an email asking me to put some 'work in progress' up in the studio.

I was completely unprepared! I spent a couple of ours scanning in my sketch book and then printing off sheets, but had nothing to mount them on. So I've just used blue tak, seems to add to roughness of it all.

Nothing quite finished... I would have preferred to look more professional - put on a proper show like a real adult.

Still I think I pulled it off.

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