26 May 2007


Leonardo Da Vinci made a scientific study of light and shadow in nature. He concluded that there were three elements to objects - 3 dimensions - each defined by light & shadow. His note books 1452 - 1519 contain a study of PENUMBRAE the zone of partial shadow where an object is only partially obscuring a light source.

I also plan to look at Caravaggio - the techniques of Tenebrism & Chiaroscuro (?), Albrecht Durer, Rembrandt... and the scene in Peter Pan where he looses his shadow and Wendy sews it back on.

21 May 2007

Mad Auntie Soni

My sister has just had a little girl, my first niece. I am officially an Auntie and I'm chuffed to bits. Will try and get a pic up here asap.

15 May 2007

Research - Shadow

I found the work of Fred Eerdekens, whilst random googling. Very cool stuff, seemingly random objects which when a light is shone on them from a certain angle creates Shadow Art. You can find him on Flickr too.
here's the link to his site Fred Eerdekens.

Logo & kids menu

These are something I did recently for a pal. There's something quite fun about flying a pint. Not sure what it is.

10 May 2007

Fun times

Woop woop, I am now in business, buy buy buy, sell sell sell.

I hope that selling through Etsy will be easier than my current shop page on my site.
I've had a lot of fun this week designing logos and menu's, and making a paper doll for a friend.

I'll post the finished logo when it's agreed with the client.

Till then - woop woop, shop shop shop

05 May 2007

Research - Judderman

I recently remembered how much I loved the Metz judderman advert, so I found it on Utube and took some screen captures. I feel so proud of myself. Woop.

03 May 2007

Um yeah sort of...

This is how I look these days - mildly bewildered, slightly vacant and incredibly distracted.

I've got a lot of planning to do, a lot of stuff to sort and a lot of loose ends to do something with. I seriously need more energy... maybe I should eat more beans.
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