30 October 2007

28 October 2007

Paper monsters

More papercut monsters, the tricky bit seems to be lightings them correctly so that you can see the shadow from the paper cut:

I'm hoping to create more paper cuts and then get into the photography studio to take some really dramatic shots. I'm quite fond of these little guys.

21 October 2007

Warwickshire Schools Book Award

Here is a poster I did this week for the Warwickshire Schools Book Award, I still like to dabble in Graphic Design now and again.

20 October 2007

What's my hypothesis?

I got asked this question this week and I know I've got one, I just don't know where it is!
It's here somewhere amongst the hours of work I've put into my studies, maybe it's been buried amongst all my paper? Nope, it must be in my sketchbook then...

The search continues...

I know it's something to do with shadows, and monsters, and childhood, and not being scared of the dark but finding it fun... admiring the fact that shadows have no substance, you cannot hold one, and yet they can be dramatic, or scary, or help us to define what we see. They are ethereal, transient, otherworldly, occult, deceitful, nostalgic, evocative, everyday, distorted or mysterious.

19 October 2007

Paper cuts

These three little monsters were very fiddly to make, they will soon have more friends of various designs and colours.

17 October 2007


Sadly no sheep, however there were these two hanging out by the pool.

05 October 2007


I'm off on my hols tomorrow, I can't wait, it's been a long time since the last one! Sun, sea, sand... meals out, drinks at night... terrible.

I shall miss these guys though, I see them every day and I doubt that the resort I'm going to will have three cement sheep... you never know though.
Back in a week. x

04 October 2007

Shadow beasties

That's right folks, I am still playing with cardboard and light to make little shadowy monster friends. Here are some recent snaps.
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