29 December 2008

I'm back...

I'd like you to meet Roger, he's one of the latest penguin additions to my household. Isn't he gorgeous? I also got a mini set of penguins as Christmas decorations. I'll have to post a picture of them another time.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, I did. I've seen (and hugged) as many of my friends and family as I could. I have eaten, drunk and been merry many times over, it has truly been a fantastic week.

24 December 2008


Happy Christmas.... i'm so excited this year. Not least because of this :


I am such a HUGE Oliver Jeffers fan, plus I'm crazy about penguins so this is a double whammy treat.

I'm away for the next week seeing family and friends. Especially my little niece who is now walking and is completely huggable in every way.

I have lots of plans for the new year.

I can't sit still.

Have a fab time everyone. x x x

19 December 2008

Christmas Card

I know I'm really behind on my December drawings but festive preparations have got the better of me. Still, it is all good fun and here is my Christmas card design.

17 December 2008

New banner

Woop woop. New Banner!!!!


lots of new things are going into the shop over the next few days.


16 December 2008

My Stall

Early Sunday morning I headed over to the Coventry Canal Basin to meet my fellow crafters and put up my first stall. It was cold but bright and the canal basin is a beautiful little oasis in Coventry. You can see the windows of a canal boat in the background. I decided to sell a range of things, so my display was a bit higgledy-piggledy. It was a mixture of mounted prints, mirrors, cards and hand painted things.
The Lock Gallery who organised the entire event were kind enough to lend me some boards to stick my work on.
Here are some piggy banks and little dolls that I made especially for the fair.
I really wish I had photos of the other stalls for you to see but I stayed at my stall from start to finish. There were so many interesting and talented people selling their art too.

15 December 2008

The fair

It was so so cold, but it didn't rain a drop. It was a fantastic day. I had so much fun and met lots of lovely people. I even sold a thing or too and am now completely bitten by the craft fair bug. I am also exhausted so will post the catch up when I have the energy to do it justice.

12 December 2008

December drawing 13

Another painting... and another owl. I'm packing things up for the fair. Keep all fingers crossed and things will hopefully sell. I'm also picking up my little christmas tree tomorrow. I can't wait. Will update all on Monday . x x x

December drawing 12

A snowy white rabbit, more of a painting than a drawing really but I think it still counts.

I'm off for my second Christmas lunch of the season - yum yum. We have a secret santa as well so I'm quite excited to see what I've got, sometimes it's a lovely surprise to see what someone else has chosen for you and some times it's just daft, but either way it's a good giggle.

10 December 2008

December drawing 10

Crafty goings on

I'm in the final throws of getting ready for the Coventry art Fair on Sunday. It is quite nice making things with the anticipation that someone might want to take them home with them or give them as pressents this year. At the same time, I'm quite nervous about selling things face to face. It'll be quite a learning curve I think, and if it goes well it will hopefully be something I can do again and again.

I'm really enjoying trying to think of how my stall will look and what else I could get done to take with me - I think variety is key.

Anyway, I'll try and take lots of photos and fill you in on how it goes on Monday.

07 December 2008

December drawing 4, 5, 6 & 7

I know I failed already at posting a drawing a day but daily chores and commitments got in the way, so let's play catch up:

December drawing 4 A Christmas robin and holly, this is the beginning of my Christmas card design, I've not got them back from the printers yet. Fingers crossed I'll get them Monday.

December drawing 5
I'm going to make a print of this little guy, what's cuter than a hedgehog with a candy cane?
December Drawing 6 I give you the love owl. Again he's a design for some monoprinting I'll be doing today... plus I just think owls are cool - big eyes and to be able to turn your head 180 degrees = mind blowing.

December drawing 7Surely every one has heard of the Christmas Bunny? No, ah well this little one will be sniffing holly or mistle toe in the snow when I've finished him.

05 December 2008


Well I missed four, I'll try and put 4 & 5 up later. For now here's an old one.

03 December 2008

Big hair and baubles

As I wonder around on my travels I often snap things that catch my eye using my phone. I rarely get round to downloading them.
However this one, of a shop window in Guildford, I just love and wanted to show you. I have a thing for big hair anyway, but big hair with baubles in it was just too exciting. I also adore the icy white of her expression and appearance, plus the accidental satellite dish reflected on the glass makes her look out of this world. If I was seven foot tall, thin and with masses of snowy hair, this is exactly how I'd style myself.

December drawing 3

Introducing - Lisa Evans

I just thought I'd share these lovely little birdies with you. They're by Lisa Evans.

I love her work and follow her blog. These birds were part of the Christmas campaign for Norstrom, my favourtite is the little red owl.

I sent my Christmas card to the printer last night but I can't say I'm entirely happy with it. I'll show you when I get them back, I can't put my finger on exactly what's wrong...

December drawing 3 will be added this evening.

01 December 2008

December Drawing 2

Here is my second little dancer, I'm actualy planning on making them into hanging tree decorations. I was working a on a Christmas card design last night but I'm not quite happy with it yet. I really am going to be in a seasonal frenzy before long.

I'm planning lots of visits home to see family, and trying to meet up with as many friends as possible, because it's a great excuse, and becasue I've been so busy this year that I've ignored them all a bit too much.

December Drawing 1

December Woop!

The first of December already!
Where has the year gone?

The air is mighty nippy and there is talk of snow, so it is properly winter now.

I've actually already had a Christmas dinner too. Some friends of mine are going travelling for six weeks and will be on the other side of the globe for the festive period so they decided to have Christmas dinner before they went. We had a full roast lunch and pulled crackers and drank and laughed and chatted into the small hours of the next day. I think I'm still recovering...

Anyway it's an optimistic time of year and so I plan to continue the festive feeling as long as possible. The Christmas fair is approaching so I'm busy tinkering with things for that but I also plan to try and do a picture a day till christmas - a sort of advent, it may all go a stray as things get busier bit... I'll post the first picture later today.

26 November 2008

Gig 2 - James Morrison

Last night I saw James Morrison play at the Shepherd's Bush Empire. It was fantastic, he's such a good singer and the venue is one of those cool old buildings full of quirky plaster mouldings and stuff. Unfortunately I was shorter that the rest of the crowd so I didn't see a whole lot of the action but here are a few shots of the stage. The one above the band bowed just at the second I pressed the shutter... I was destined not to see them!

24 November 2008

Nick Cave & Francis Bacon

What a combination!!!!
Last night I saw Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds play at Brighton. The support band were awful but Nick more than made up for it by leaping on the stage like a crazed preacher of rock. The music was seriously good, not sing a long pop, but true rock with two drum kits and three keyboard/organs, and a guy with a big beard who switched between fiddle and guitar. Amazing.

Then today I went to London and saw the Francis Bacon Exhibition and the Turner Prize at the Tate Britain. I love Bacon's work although it's a little disturbing I personally find his paintings really compelling and powerful. I especially like his series based on a portrait of a pope... A few years ago I saw an exhibition in Dublin about his life and works. They had taken his actual studio (every little piece, right down to the screwed up bits of paper and dried up paint tubes) and rebuilt it inside the gallery.

21 November 2008

Snow bear

The weather man keeps saying it's going to snow but I've not seen one flake! I have took a moment to do a quick digital sketch.
I did give him a little Santa hat and a big wiggly scarf but I think he's better without all that fuss. I'm having a cosy night in tonight as I'm off to see friends and family tomorrow. One of whom is over from Australia who I haven't seen for two years. I hope to catch up with him a few times before he flies back.

19 November 2008

The sniffles

I seem to have what can only be called the sniffles. It is not a cold, and I am definitely not ill. I just randomly (or so it seems) sneeze and then sniffle a bit and then I'm fine again. It must be a cold weather phenomenon, the weather men keep saying it is going to snow on friday... I wonder if it is related to that. I do have to fight the urge to wrap up in the biggest duvet I can find and hibernate the winter away.

18 November 2008

New home... somewhere

We're searching for a new home. We don't know where and not sure what the crazy house market is actually doing at the moment but we feel it's time to move. I dream of space, of room for a studio at home. The reality is we'll probably end up somewhere even smaller! Either way, in my experience, a home is a home. It's where you curl up at the end of the day, where you feel settled and relaxed. Plus there's nothing better than nosing around other people's while you look. Everyone uses the space differently. I prefer big airy windows, and cosy nooks and crannies, and bookcases up to the ceiling. Pictures on the wall and a little garden that catched the sun in the evening. I sound easily pleased but it's harder than you think!

16 November 2008

And more promo

I cobbled a sort of e postcard out of the illustrations in my earlier post:

I'm really pleased with how it looks. I really want to be busy again, I can't handle just plodding along. I think I need that sense of urgency just to get me going... It's been lovely having time again to see people but at the same time I'd like that sense of achievement back.

Plus we're looking at moving again, so I need all the pennies I can get.


I'm using some of my favourite images as part of an email marketing excercise. I thought I'd go for a nice friendly 'Hello, here I am' attitude. I don't want to agrevate already busy people but if they would like to pop round to my site and see what's there then that would be lovely.

15 November 2008


I am so proud of my new little gif. It's not perfect by any means but hey, it works! I'm starting to tinker with my website again and this is the first new addition. See it in action at www.ickleson.co.uk

11 November 2008

More toads

I'm having a fab time at the moment planning lots of things to sell at the fair. It also gives me an excuse to develop things that have been lurking in my sketch books. Which really means more of these:

09 November 2008


I've been tinkering around with all sorts recently, but this little guy is one of my favourites. I think he's a bit small to go to a big old craft fair so I'll sell him through etsy. He's a little keepsake pot - he splits in half so you can hide your treasure inside. He'd be perfect for rings, ear rings or beads. I used a dark turquoise/teal paint (which has actually almost run out because I love it so much I use it all the time) and white. He has stripes, spots and swirls and I think he's precious.

08 November 2008

I'll always be a Cov girl

I know I don't live there anymore but I'll be taking part in the Coventry Art Fair. I'm really excited about it because it's about time something like this happened in Cov, a very good friend of mine is organising it and it gives me something I've not done before.

05 November 2008

A little snippet

This is just a little snip of what I'm up to. I'm trying to spend a little more time drawing, getting the ideas out of my head and onto paper where I can do something with them. Problem is while I'm doing that I'm not on here, sorry. I'll post more soon, it'll be good... hopefully.

28 October 2008

Old treasure

I thought I'd post a few oldies from my recent Masters. I kind of miss the excuse for endless experimentation I might have to give myself a day off just for play...

I looked a the effects you get playing with shadows - the eerie/moody qualities and also had a good old play with shadow puppets. Here is one monster/ghoul who had moveable joints and swirls all over his body.

27 October 2008

Weekend whiz by

As the title of this post suggests my weekend just whizzed by.
Gordon Ramsey was fab, he talks and cooks so fast, I have no idea what he actually did! He cooked this menu with Patsy Kensit The food smelt so good that we had to stop and buy cherry pie and custard on our way home.
I had a lovely morning in London, chatting and drinking tea then got the train to Cov. I finally caught up with my brother then went out for curry with friends. Sunday was spent with family and then the journey home...

It all just went so quick. I didn't draw a thing... I'll try and put something more exciting up tomorrow,

22 October 2008


I found these beauties and just had to share them they're fab!

If you put your mouse amongst them they waddle towards it, or you can grab one by clicking and holding and move it around...

21 October 2008

Yes Chef!

I'm excited!
This Friday I will be watching this man cook live.
Yes that's right, I'm going to watch the filming of Gordon Ramsey's Cookalong Live. I'm going with two other girls and then off for drinkies in London so it'll be fun fun fun all the way.

20 October 2008

Monday again

Sigh... I had a fantastic weekend at the seaside in North Devon visiting family. We went on walks along the cliffs, beachcombing for driftwood, visited a castle and ate lots of gorgeous food. The weather was glorious too (very rare for Oct). This is me on Lovers Bridge in Dunster... I look like some kind of forest gnome but it was a romantic spot... honest!I've seen goats, ponies, bats, sheep, squirrels, seagulls, cows, deer and best of all Casper the Bengal kitty cat He was a little star always wanting to be one of the party and mewing sorrowfully if shut out of the room. He inspected all our beachcombing treasure, that was in front of the fire drying, and claimed a pine-cone as his plaything.

16 October 2008


My last post had Fred on his own as just a painting scanned in... This is how he ended up. The circles/balls on the previous Fred picture were going to be flowers. I also go rid of the flying bird to make room for the text. I'm still finding it weird looking back at some of the images I've done, I know they're mine but they seem more distant now, like they might have moved on and got a life of their own.

15 October 2008

Things hidden, forgotten and re-discovered

I was looking for a picture on my computer and found these two illustrations hiding away in a dusty corner of the hard drive. I remember doing them... two years ago... but like them a whole lot more now.

14 October 2008

More envelopes

It's true. I'm a stationery geek (as opposed to a stationary geek - a geek that's going nowhere). I can't pass a shop like Paperchase without having a peep amongst the notebooks and pens.

And so to carry on the recent theme - my envelopes in the shop:

I'm working on some notecards and christmas cards too.

13 October 2008

Plotting & Sunflowers

It was a glorious weekend - the sun shone and the evenings were warm and I forgot completely that it was October. This morning, however, was a different story - damp pavements, mist and a gloomy grey sky. Luckily we've got sunflowers on the window sill to brighten the place up.

And I'm plotting again, I'm thinking about a few changes that could be made. We might move, I might get a new job, I might redevelop my portfolio... soo many possibilities. Where to start.
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