31 March 2008

Time, where do you go?

Thanks to the wonderful system of British daylight saving time I have no idea if I'm coming or going. Either way there are simply not enough hours in the day. I am gradually chipping away at the long to do list, although I'm still adding to the other end - a self-inflicted cycle I know.

I almost lost the plot entirely this weekend when my printer decided to pack up, but after a couple of days rest it has mystically fixed itself (yay for the printer pixies).

I'm off to Coventry again tonight, I'm going to see my friend who had the big op and tell her how incredible she is. I'm also hoping to pop in to see a gallery that another friend, Emma, is starting in the canal basin in Cov. One thing about my friends is there is never a dull moment.

26 March 2008

Tinker Tinker

Having successfully tinkered with this blog (check out the new banner), I am mid-tinker with my website. I'm changing it all offline, just so I can iron out any kinks before it goes live.

I know some one super whizzy could do this quickly, whilst standing in their head and baking cakes, but whizzy I am not... although I wish I was.... so my blogging has become a little sparse again.

Good news is that my pal is home amongst friends and family. I can't believe any one could bounce back from brain surgery so quickly. Woot woot. I'm going to visit her next week and give her tonnes of hugs.

21 March 2008

Hatching plans

Another piece for the portfolio:

I'm now creating 'To Do' lists, problem is they're growing and growing. Near the top are :

  • Tinkering with my website, I'm bored of the old one and need to get more new work on there.
  • Sending out some promotion, no point creating these things if no on ever sees them.
  • Getting a move on with my Ma, after a little set back it's time to get things going.

But this weekend I'm heading home to see friends and family, much needed. I'll probably eat more chocolate than I should too, again much needed. So everything else will have to wait till next week.

20 March 2008

Counting Raindrops

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring...

So cold and wet what is a girl to do but stay indoors and draw pictures.

19 March 2008

Lil Pink Robot

As I mentioned a dear ol' pal has been having a hard time recently, fingers crossed she's doing really well and will hopefully be home this time next week. Woop.
A group of lovely peeps at Flickr are organising an exhibition and auction for her (see here), so I've been working on my contribution - the theme is PINK as it's her favourite colour.

18 March 2008

Crazy eyes

I went to Richmond at the weekend, it's a lovely part of London. Very posh, on the Thames. Lots of big houses and parks, and expensive looking cars.

But also there was this:

It's the sign for the opticians, it watches you walk right up the street and is padlocked to that wire frame so no one steals it. I love it, it is properly crazy if not slightly freaky. I think it's maybe those sleepy eyelids that makes it endearing. I think more businesses should have wooden signs like this - a mouth and teeth for the dentist... I don't know, it was only an idea....

16 March 2008

Natural Business

The finished print. I'm quite pleased with this one, then again - I like anything with stars in.

15 March 2008

Sneaky Peaky

I treated my self to this gorgeous book from amazon, the illustrations are by Marc Craste and I just adore is dark yet so so painfully beautiful style. For those unaware of the magic of 'JOJO in the stars' click here.
I'm in the middle of revitalising my portfolio before I turn on turbo touting mode. Promotion is the only way forward at this point but first I must have something to show. Lots of monoprinting for me. Here is a sneaky peaky:
It's been a funny couple of weeks, I'm really taking stock of all that matters to me. I'm disenchanted with Uni at the moment, I do feel that I'm waisting my time there. Time that would be better spent earning money to pay the bills. I will see it through though, I've got too far to turn back. Soon I will officially be Soni - a Master of Illustration... if I pass that is.

12 March 2008

Good news

My friend has had her op and is in recovery. She is all drugged up at the moment but apparently all is as it should be at this point. She's started sitting up and talking, so hopefully it won't be too long before she's safely back home.

I can't describe how relieved and happy I am. It's really been on my mind and I've not been on form, but now I just feel so grateful.

The lovely peeps of flickr land have started a group in her honour - ' Lil's cheer up gang ' They hope to organise an exhibition and art auction so if you're interested check it out.

07 March 2008

100th Post!

This is my 100th post, but it's not a happy one I'm afraid.

A very close friend who I love to pieces is in hospital today waiting for brain surgeory. She has a tumour and although it's benign it's still bloody scary. She's brave and tough but I can't stop thinking about her and what she's going through.

I've known her since I was nine, she and her daughter feel like family to me. She has been through so much before and always come through smiling, I hope with all my heart that she will be back to her bouncy fun-loving self soon.

The operation is on Monday, I doubt I'll rest until she's in recovery.

01 March 2008

Toadstool Trio

I've been concentrating on my Masters for the past couple of days, I realise there's a lot of hard work ahead of me on that one. If I chip away at it slowly, hopefully I'll get somewhere with it all. I've even turned down a trip to Devon this weekend in favour of studying...
I've finished another couple of prints, funny how I'm never happy with them one they're done. Hey ho.

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