27 April 2008

If the tools aren't up to the job...

you need new tools!
I have been trying to create a spangly new web portfolio with an ancient copy of Dreamweaver and I had to face facts - technology has moved on. So after discussion with a wise friend I decided getting a Adobe CS3 Design Premium was an investment in my future.

I'm now the proud owner of several super whizzy programmes and have become a geek - staying indoors to spend quality time with my computer. It was always going to happen, it just happened quicker than I thought.

21 April 2008

Stolen work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had work published without my permission. I am not the only one. The devious low-lifes basically lifted mine and many other people's work straight from the Little Chimp Society. They have even word for word stolen interviews that Darren conducted himself. He only found out when someone else saw the book!
Here are the details of the book, please don't buy it and tell others not to:
It is plagiarism, piracy and copyright abuse, it is sad that someone can profit from other peoples hard work without permission, or fair payment or even the decency to give them credit!
I feel particulary for Darren as he is a strong advocate for illustration everywhere, he deserves recognition. He has even gone to the trouble to contact every illustrator involved personally even though he is the greatest victim.

16 April 2008

For the portfolio

My most recent piece to be added to my portfolio. I've got more in the pipe line but at the moment I'm really pleased with this. I had originally planned it to be a hot orange colour but I'm glad I've gone with the more relaxed greens and blues.

13 April 2008

Masters work...

I'm still working on a few new pieces for my new website, but have been splitting my time with a work for my Ma.

My uni work involves paper cut, illustration and shadows. I've cut out nine of these trees to layer up to create a spooky shadowy forest scene. It's been fiddley but worth it. I love the qualities shadows bring to my work.

06 April 2008

April Snow ?

This morning it snowed so I got up really early and went out for a walk before other people were out. It was so pretty, if it wasn't so cold I would have stayed out much longer.
I did enjoy scampering about by the river, but realise in hindsight I probably looked like a mad lady...
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