30 June 2008

Where did June go?

Does anyone know where June went? Did anyone see it leave? Time's going so quick! Should I be worried about this?

I have been sending out promotion and concerntrating on the Ma work and occaisionally enjoying the sunshine. I didn't notice the days sneak by and then all of a sudden it's July!

Here's a little more MA stuff:

12 June 2008

All good

I've had some lovely feedback about my website, thank you, I've started to send out a little mailpack. I can't bring it upon myself to be too flashy but hopefully some new people might take a look at what I do... and maybe even like it.

The Aoi Symposium was a fab day out, very motivating. It was great to hear the tale of how the pop-up Persil add was made by Justin Moore and team.

I was paricularly in awe of Si Scott and John McFaul both of whom are incredibly tallented and inspiring. The main message i got from the day was if you love what you do get out there and do it. Does that make sense? It does to me.
They were both so enthusiastic about what they do, it almost made me think 'what on earth am I doing just sitting there listening to them, I should getting on with chasing jobs and self promotion'.

04 June 2008

The thing...

The sun came out, so I could cast lots of lovely shadows, here's a piece from my recent Ma work. Brought to you thanks to buckets of glorious sunshine. x x x

I'm off to London tomorrow to 'Re-drawing the Line: a symposium exploring contemporary issues in illustration'. Should be good, I'm looking forward to hearing a whole day of illustration talk. The plan is to come back all inspired and fired up... watch this space.

02 June 2008

Hire an Illustrator

You can now find me at Hire an illustrator!
I'm also sorting out a bit of a mailshot soon, so if you wish to get one let me know.
I'm hoping the sun will come out soon, I desperately need it so I can finish the pictures with shadows. Unfortunately it looks like it's about to rain, but fingers (and toes) crossed the sun will come out tomorrow.
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