27 July 2008

Sunshine and shadow animals

It's hot, hot, hot!
I don't normally cope well with this weather, I more the sort of girl to sit in the shade of a big tree sipping cocktails rather than sun bathing. However I love the sunshine right now because it's perfect for creating new shadow animals, this time with paper cut so they're easier to recognise.

22 July 2008


At the weekend I went to Bristol, it was a gorgeous sunny day. I love Bristol, I've spent many a happy weekend there, walking through the streets, eating by the river, it's fab!
I got a few helping hands to cast shadows for me using some Victorian diagrams. They were harder than they look, they're supposed to be animals... can you tell what they are?

08 July 2008

I have much tinkering to do

I am so busy at the moment, apologies to all my friends I just don't see anymore. It's nothing you have done I am just stuck tinkering away with shadows and paper and ink and well general mess that will eventually (I hope) become a more coherent final body of work for my MA... eek!

I can't believe it is almost over, I still have so much I want to try out. Here are some recent efforts:

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