28 October 2008

Old treasure

I thought I'd post a few oldies from my recent Masters. I kind of miss the excuse for endless experimentation I might have to give myself a day off just for play...

I looked a the effects you get playing with shadows - the eerie/moody qualities and also had a good old play with shadow puppets. Here is one monster/ghoul who had moveable joints and swirls all over his body.

27 October 2008

Weekend whiz by

As the title of this post suggests my weekend just whizzed by.
Gordon Ramsey was fab, he talks and cooks so fast, I have no idea what he actually did! He cooked this menu with Patsy Kensit The food smelt so good that we had to stop and buy cherry pie and custard on our way home.
I had a lovely morning in London, chatting and drinking tea then got the train to Cov. I finally caught up with my brother then went out for curry with friends. Sunday was spent with family and then the journey home...

It all just went so quick. I didn't draw a thing... I'll try and put something more exciting up tomorrow,

22 October 2008


I found these beauties and just had to share them they're fab!

If you put your mouse amongst them they waddle towards it, or you can grab one by clicking and holding and move it around...

21 October 2008

Yes Chef!

I'm excited!
This Friday I will be watching this man cook live.
Yes that's right, I'm going to watch the filming of Gordon Ramsey's Cookalong Live. I'm going with two other girls and then off for drinkies in London so it'll be fun fun fun all the way.

20 October 2008

Monday again

Sigh... I had a fantastic weekend at the seaside in North Devon visiting family. We went on walks along the cliffs, beachcombing for driftwood, visited a castle and ate lots of gorgeous food. The weather was glorious too (very rare for Oct). This is me on Lovers Bridge in Dunster... I look like some kind of forest gnome but it was a romantic spot... honest!I've seen goats, ponies, bats, sheep, squirrels, seagulls, cows, deer and best of all Casper the Bengal kitty cat He was a little star always wanting to be one of the party and mewing sorrowfully if shut out of the room. He inspected all our beachcombing treasure, that was in front of the fire drying, and claimed a pine-cone as his plaything.

16 October 2008


My last post had Fred on his own as just a painting scanned in... This is how he ended up. The circles/balls on the previous Fred picture were going to be flowers. I also go rid of the flying bird to make room for the text. I'm still finding it weird looking back at some of the images I've done, I know they're mine but they seem more distant now, like they might have moved on and got a life of their own.

15 October 2008

Things hidden, forgotten and re-discovered

I was looking for a picture on my computer and found these two illustrations hiding away in a dusty corner of the hard drive. I remember doing them... two years ago... but like them a whole lot more now.

14 October 2008

More envelopes

It's true. I'm a stationery geek (as opposed to a stationary geek - a geek that's going nowhere). I can't pass a shop like Paperchase without having a peep amongst the notebooks and pens.

And so to carry on the recent theme - my envelopes in the shop:

I'm working on some notecards and christmas cards too.

13 October 2008

Plotting & Sunflowers

It was a glorious weekend - the sun shone and the evenings were warm and I forgot completely that it was October. This morning, however, was a different story - damp pavements, mist and a gloomy grey sky. Luckily we've got sunflowers on the window sill to brighten the place up.

And I'm plotting again, I'm thinking about a few changes that could be made. We might move, I might get a new job, I might redevelop my portfolio... soo many possibilities. Where to start.

12 October 2008

2nd post of the day - envelopes

Typical, isn't it? I abandon my blog for ages then post twice in one day!

I just had to share with you my latest item for sale on etsy. A set of 5 envelopes made from postal emphemera each wearing the label I designed the other day, and each with their own note card.

Happy Birthday Bro!

It's my brother's b-day today so I made him a card. We don't see that much of each other since I moved south, and well, he's gone to Spain for the week so that makes it all the more difficult... I'll hopefully catch up with him soon. In the mean time there are a couple of heavies looking after his birthday cake.

11 October 2008

Blue label

I know that label design may not be the most exciting thing in the world but I'm quite pleased with this little one:Blue spotty-ness with a spotty flower! Soon it will make an appearance in my etsy shop along with some envelopes made from recycled/reused papers of different patterns. I'll post a pic when they're ready.
I have so many ideas at the moment that I'm neither here or there, I think I'm going to have to write them all down then work through them systematically. At the moment I'm endlessly doodling, and I keep buying sketchbooks... its like an addiction.
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