31 January 2009

Feeling the chill?

The climate just isn't good here in the UK. Apparently we're going to have another big freeze over the next few days and, well, economically it's fairly hostile too. I'm sure things will get better, in the mean time we just have to keep our heads high and the cold out.

24 January 2009

Muddy Fug

This is me stuck in mud. Note the toddler like pose as I try desperately not to fall over, also pay attention to the socks pulled firmly over my jeans in a bid to keep them out of the mud.

This photo really sums up how things are at the moment - bogged down, moving slowly and cautiously with other forces working against me. Don't get me wrong I'm still happy and optimistic but January has not been my friend so far. I've not posted much as there wasn't much to report - I've been cutting back, keeping warm, trying not to indulge in too many comforting stodgey foods and planning stuff to do when spring arrives.

02 January 2009

Welcome to 2009

Happy new year everyone, I know, I know it's a day late, but the sentiment is still valid.
It is that optimistic time of year when we make promises to ourselves to be healthier, nicer and all round better people. I am no different. I have made the following resolutions:

1, to stay in touch with family & friends
2, to be more productive (especially creatively)
3, to get my finances in order (I kave no idea where to begin here, especially with astronomical electricity bills...)

Still I think the main theme is to be positive, do positive things and see where 2009 leads.
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