30 May 2009

Little hut : black + white

When I was studying my for masters I did a lot of work with paper cut and construction. At the time I was interested in the qualities that shadows gave them, the extra dimensions and so on. I found that keeping things simple and concentrating on white was the most effective method but I never managed to capture the beauty I was looking for.

black + white

Originally uploaded by A Little Hut

This piece by A Little Hut however really demonstrated what I was seeking. It is gracefully simple in colour and yet it is the complexity of its creation and structure that gives it the edge that makes me just love it.

29 May 2009

The owl, the flowers and the woods

The owl, I doodled this at work today. I keep drawing owls at the moment. I think I may have to do a series of them at some point.
I bought myself some flowers at the weekend to brighten up the lounge, but today I got given some more from my temping job. I was slightly embarrassed at the time but reflecting upon it now - it's always nice to get flowers, right? So now I've got a vase full in the kitchen and the lounge... brilliant!
I made a lovely discovery at the weekend that I've just not had chance to tell you about - Chancery Wood:

Isn't it gorgeous? I think it is the prettiest wood I've been to, and it's only half an hour away from home!!! I can't believe I've lived down here for well over a year without discovering it. Perfect for those long summer walks, it's full of flowers and birds.

27 May 2009

Madame Rose

This is a little idea I had a while back, I found it as forgotten tiny doodle in the corner of an old sketch book. I redrew and coloured it, and I'm pretty pleased with the results. I think I might do a series of women with flowers in their hair. It's a little different to my usual style but I found it really satisfying. For now this one is a print in my shop.

19 May 2009

Betty Balckheart

This little lady was actually finished a few days ago but I have been too busy to post her. She is the first of my rag dolls, I hand painted her face but wanted to keep it simple.
I spent a lot of time stitching the crochet chains in spirals to make her hair. Her dress is lovely candy striped cotton, she has a cream lace shawl and a black bead heart.

Betty Blackheart is currently sitting in the etsy shop, hoping one day some one will take her home.

10 May 2009

Crafty crafy

I have had the house to myself for the last 24hrs so I took the opportunity to get out my new sewing machine and make a bit of a mess. I know you're supposed to plan sewing projects to prevent wastage but I've always been more of a trial and error girl. Out of the chaos however came two little dolls and two mermaids:
I used some of me favourite pink stripey fabric and have been sewing on swirls of crocheted crimson wool for hair - not the quickest method of creating hair but I love the effect. I just need to add hair to one more then give them faces, and maybe some well placed clam shells or star fish for the mermaids' modesty, then they're done. This could really be the start of something... I might sell them at the craft fair.

07 May 2009


I temp to help pay the bills, and this is the corner of my monitor at work: I really do like doodling on post-its. I have the word 'YES' in front of me because I like it. It is a nice positive word and reminds me to be positive too. I think it came from when I read the book 'Yes Man' by Danny Wallace and loved it. (It has recently been made into a film, which is still good but a completely different story to the book, it is worth seeing/reading both in my opinion.)This is the wall next to my computer - I've got some important info on there but as you can see I've also got lots of pictures - Nate Williams, Annora Spence and a postcard of Portmerion in Wales.

05 May 2009

A Cath Kidston confession

I have a weekness for red things, I also have a weakness for Cath Kidston. I really have no good explanation for my behavior but recently I have bought this oven glove and tea towell set for the kitchen (for the kitchen, not for me... honest). But then I accidentally bought this starry gorgeous hold all to keep my sewing stuff in. I know I could have got something cheaper and possibly uglier, but I can't help having a big stupid grin on my face every time I look at this.
I have a problem, I know, but it's one I enjoy :)

04 May 2009

The Ladybird, Le Corbusier and the ceiling

Sometimes I doodle on post-its, which means I often loose them, however I discovered this little creature stuck to the back of some papers:I spent a glorious sunny day in London yesterday. We went to the Natural History Museum to look at dinosaurs, and to the Barbican to see a Le Corbusier exhibition:
I really admire the clean modern line he took with architecture, it was amazing to see the range of his work and the detail he went to. There is still part of me however that prefers buildings a little bit less organised, and slightly more decorated and less uniform. This is a snap of the ceiling of a old pub near where I live, the entire surface is covered in swirling plaster leaves, scrolls and flowers. I love it, it sounds strange that I drink somewhere because of the ceiling - but I do.

02 May 2009

Happy Birthday Mrs R!

It's my lovely friend Erica's B-day today. I've not seen her for over a year, mainly to do with the fact we live at different ends of the country and we're both so bloomin' busy. Its realy not good enough.

I sent her a package of birthday goodies and made her a card, but if you're lucky enough to see her today give her a big birthday hug from me. x
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