31 July 2009

Oh I do love to be beside the seaside… tiddly um pom pom

Well I’m off on holi-bobs tomorrow. A four hour drive to Devon to the land of sea, goats and ponies. I’m really ready for it, it will be my first whole week off since Christmas – Woo Hoo!
I’m going to St Ives Cornwall for an overnight stay on Weds, hoping to visit the Tate and soak up the arty atmosphere: http://www.tate.org.uk/stives/art-in-stives/ and knowing me I won’t want to come back. Sigh…
And we have a two hour boat trip planned to Lundy Island on the promise of seeing puffins, porpoises, seals and such like… sadly no penguins but I’m secretly hoping to see a great blue whale – surely that’s not too much to ask for J

26 July 2009

Art deco adventure

On my way down to Brighton yesterday I stopped of in a little seaside village called East Preston and wile I was there I found this amazing old garage - Manor Road Garage.It's been empty for years and is decaying and shabby but to me this is what makes it all the more beautiful. It still has it's original sign and pumps. How cool!

25 July 2009

Many Pies...

I am doing a wide variety of things at the moment, trying my hand at different crafts (like the crochet) and also new mediums like customising Vinyl toys. I've been inspired by Lunabee and Small and Round, if you don't know their work you might want to have a look. It's great fun to try new things and exercises the creativity muscle.

But anyway, I bring you my first Custom Dunny - Star Vine:

22 July 2009

When I'm not drawing...

When I'm not illustrating, I work for English Heritage and I was really lucky to go on on two site visits. Saltwood Castle, where I actually went up the scaffolding: And Westenhanger Castle in Kent:

16 July 2009

Planning the Fututre

I've been starting to dream of living by the sea, somewhere relaxed but with plenty of creative people to meet. I know exactly where I want to be - BRIGHTON. We were actually planning on moving there when we ended up in Guildford, but now I think we're going to work out a plan to get there. Some shots from my weekend visit

07 July 2009

Toadstool addiction

I have 24 more little wooden mushrooms coming my way. I was so pleased with the results of the first batch that I couldn't wait to do more, I'm still drawing toadstools too!

I haven't stopped working on my secret project either, I will post pictures soon, I just need to make a little bit more progress.

05 July 2009

More mushrooms

Look look, lots of little wooden hand painted mushrooms. This is how I spent my friday night, wild I know... The blank mushrooms arrived on friday and well I couldn't wait to get started on them.
This is by no means the end of my mushroom/toadstool themed work, I have plans for more.

01 July 2009

Sunshine & Sneaky peaky

Here in Guildford, UK, it is hot hot hot! We're in the middle of a heatwave and experiencing the best summer in three years, Woop! I have been making the most of it - long walks by the river, meeting friends for warm summer night drinks, and finally wearing all the summer clothes that have been stuck at the back of my wardrobe for so long. Following my current obsession with toadstools, I have just bought this ceramic mushroom from Habitat. I was going to paint it but I now love it just the way it is. It looks so at home on top of our little stove.
And here is a sneaky peak at what I'm up to, the reason why I've not managed to post anymore drawings recently. All will be revealed soon:

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