22 August 2009

Sneaky peaky

I've been spending a lot of my time just painting at the moment, I'm really enjoying it. I seem to spend most of my week on the computer for one reason or another so getting my hands dirty (well, painty really) is supremely satisfying. Here we have some more mushrooms and a Munny I'm working on. Don't worry - the Munny will have arms eventually.

13 August 2009


I've been working on a couple of logo's recently. More will be revealed soon but for now, here they are:

12 August 2009

Holiday Highlight

The best bit of the whole holiday was walking to and from ‘Watersmeet’ which is a spectacular valley leading to where two rivers meet before they head to the sea. I think it is one of my favourite places. There are lots of little waterfalls, deep still pools and then areas where the water just babbles along over the rocks. We stopped at ever bridge and cove to take it all in and sat on rocks watching the water run by. At the point where the rivers meet there is a beautiful picnic area and National Trust Shop. It was great to see so many people just enjoying the area after our long walk during which we hardly saw a soul.

10 August 2009

The Hols

Well I have returned from one of the best Holidays I’ve ever had. It was so good I’m going to find it hard to summarise it for you. We went to Lynton and Lynmouth in North Devon where we walked the coastal paths and ate glorious food in old pubs. Monday we went to Woolacombe where James went surfing whilst I sat day reaming and doodling on the beach. On Tuesday we took a two hour boat ride (across a very choppy sea) to Lundy Island where puffins live. I didn’t see any Puffins but I did see Dolphins chasing the boat on the way there and the way back. I also saw wild black rabbits who were very cool but camera shy. There are not many people who live on Lundy and it is a very craggy island facing out into the Atlantic which gives it a really eerie feel.
Weds we headed down to St Ives in Cornwall where the Modernist artists used to live and work, it is now an incredibly busy but pretty harbour with beach coves on either side and fabulous winding streets that allow you to peep at different views. There are still a lot of artists studios there so it was very inspiring and I found a fabulous Flea Market where I bought this.
We ate a fabulous fish restaurant on the harbour side and drank cocktails late into a glorious summer night. Thurs I explored even further whilst James soaked up some sunshine on the beach.
Friday morning, we went for a lovely horse ride along the Doone Valley (where the book ‘Lorna Doone’ is based). I had a lovely stubborn pony called Maggie who had a fab side parting which made her look extra moody, she didn’t like walking through mud and took a different route to the other horses and just really wanted to eat the Ferns. I admired her character though.
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