27 September 2009

Mushie Label

This is the label I've made for the Mushies, they are going to be individually boxed with a greeting card (photos soon I promise). Then I'll sell them in the shop and at craft fairs.

Eash one will be numbered so you will know which one you've got and how many others were made before it.

I have exciting news, I'm moving in October to a bigger place so I'll have a studio at home. I'll also be closer to friends and family which will be magic.

22 September 2009

Plant a Sunset Garden - Custom Munny

I've finished 'Plant a Sunset Garden' the red Munny I've been planning for a while, she's all varnished and re-assembled and here she is:
I'm so super proud. Doesn't she look just perfect next to 'Plant a Moonlight Garden'? They have been lots of fun to do, am really tempted to paint more.
They are both available in my new shop - ickleshop.com

06 September 2009

Owls Glorious Owls

Don't know if you remember this post well here is the finished project:
A collection on little owl pots, each with their own character. I'll be adding them to the shop soon and they will come with small owl gift cards. They just make me smile. I'll let you know when they're in the shop.

04 September 2009

Plant a Moonlight Garden - Custom Munny

Here is the finished Munny, he’s been finished a while and has stood looking out of my front window. 'Plant a Moonlight Garden' is my first Dunny custom, painted in acrylics, in delicious blues, greens and purples. You can see my brush strokes but I prefer it that way - signs of how something was created and the hands that did it, if I wanted a more polished and slick version then I would buy a mass produced, machine printed Munny designed by someone else... this little guy however was lovingly customised by me. I really enjoyed painting him so much that I’ve decided to paint a friend for him, in red, and I have a few Dunnys to play with too. Huzzah!
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