19 June 2010

And to continue the mushroom theme:

Every now and then I like to try drawing with colour instead of black ink. I find it changes the way I approach an image and I get less bogged down in detail. So recently I have been picking up my paintbrush, instead of a pen, and doodling with my favourite colours. Here is the result of one of my doodles - a pair of fine blue and purple mushrooms, the print of which is for sale at etsy: http://www.etsy.com/listing/49758573/watercolour-mushies

15 June 2010

Peeky Peeky - Toadstool Cluster

The latest print to hit the shop is the 'Toadstool Cluster'. Here's a peek but to see more you'll have to head over to etsy or to my new Facebook page

14 June 2010


There has been lots of summer rain recently, but I'm still feeling summery... bring on the sunshine.

13 June 2010

Toadstools - unfinished

I'm mid way through adding colour to these toadstools, I'll be selling prints of the finished piece when it's ready. I quite like it as black and white though, so maybe I should do prints of both... I'll have a think about it.

It's a glorious sunny day so I'm tempted to spend it in the garden, or with friends. Maybe painting will have to wait today.

02 June 2010

Quick Rabbit

I have been super busy, but I've not forgotten my little blog. I have several things to share, which I will, just not right now. While I'm away I'll leave you with this little rabbit....
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