31 December 2011


I've just been looking back through old work and realised that there is a theme that I keep coming back to.
I guess it goes hand in hand with my water obsession, here are my rain themed prints:
Today I am a Storm Cloud


Summer Rain

The prints can be found on Etsy or Ickleshop

30 December 2011

Looking forward

Just a quick post to show this blog has not been abandoned alltogether.

It has been a busy winter so far and a lovely Christmas. As I look forward to the new year it looks like that will be busy too.

True to form, the gypsy blood has kicked in, and once again we are investigating new places to live. I want a room to use as a studio and to be somewhere near a river or the sea, I'm drawn to living near water. Apart from that we'd quite like a garden again, and maybe a dog to keep me company working from home.

We'll just have to see what the new year brings.
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