30 July 2012

Zombie Pinup Tattoo for Patrick O'Brien

It's over a year since this undead beauty was designed (see my old blog post - And now for something completely different ) but here she is as a finished piece on Pat's arm. It's a pretty amazing feeling to know something I created is now emblazoned on a living person.
It's not the first time I've had the feeling, I also had the pleasure a while back to design a mermaid for the lovely Emma:
Still I could not be happier :)

Live Fiercely

When I first started thinking about the phrase it was because I had seen a quote that read 'Love Fiercely', but my mind jumbles things up and changed love for live. The words rattled around in my head and started to resonate with something I've been considering a lot recently. Life can be cruelly short, can contain suffering (war, illness, poverty, lost love...) and it is all too easy to become overwhelmed by the negative feelings and not see the good stuff.

I'm not saying I don't get depressed, we all do at some time or another, but somewhere along the line I've realised that I am at heart a bit of a romantic and certainly an optimist.

So - Live Fiercely
If you are going to do anything - do it with passion, give it some effort and don't be dissuaded or defeated by other people's opinions. It's been said before a million different ways - if things aren't going your way go down kicking and screaming and if you do get knocked down, pick your self up, dust your self down and go again.

29 July 2012

Olympic Cycle Road Race

I can't help getting caught up in the Olympic buzz that's about. It didn't hit me until the opening ceremony (as bonkers as it was). I'm very lucky to have seen an Olympic event for free - the Men's Cycle Road Race went all over Surrey so I got to walk down my road and stand amongst the flag waving crowd as the bikes whizzed by.

I was a great atmosphere - even the police, support crews and press vans got cheered on as they went past. Truth is I don't care who wins, I'm not very competitive, but it really is amazing to see allsorts of people getting out there and having giving it everything.

10 July 2012

I heart Rob Ryan

I was very excited to come home the other day to find this beautiful parcel from Ryantown on my doorstep.
I love the attention to detail, the little additions that a delivery from a chain of shops wouldn't have, even the post park is totally charming. 
And on the back, a different tape. 
Inside, I got more than I was expecting too. A copy of S.P.Q.R. Newspaper - a little newspaper called Senatus Populusque Ryantown, The Senate and People of Ryantown.
 It's full of gorgeous images and features what happens in Rob Ryan's studio.
 There was also this lovely postcard 'Believe in People'
 With delicious hand typography and a pin badge on the back.
 And best of all, the little gift I bought myself, even though its a little early... A Rob Ryan calendar for 2013.
 I'm keeping it all wrapped up on my book case until the new year, but I am so inredibly pleased with it. Being a total fan of his work, and an admirer of paper cut any way, I think it's the best think I've bought in ages.
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