12 August 2012

Box Hill Surrey, a little bit of Olympics

The Olympics finish today, and to be honest I will bee sad to see them go. Not because I'm particularly sporty, although I have found myself following all kinds of events I never had an interest in before, but because I will miss the atmosphere.
I spent a couple of sunny hours roaming round Box Hill they was the main stage for the road cycle races, and was delighted after a long climb to find the Olympic rings on display at the summit. You can just about see the view from the hill, looking out over a vast green and pleasant landscape. It was breathtaking (not just because it's a vey steep climb) but also that the effort was put in to build the rings there at that spot.


05 August 2012

Currently reading...

Don't worry folks I'm not reading this because I'm worried about my soul. No, I picked up this book because it featured on many recommended reading lists and I wanted to see what all the fuss is about. So far, I've found it contains lots of practical advice and is all very sensible. It's more about good sound business practise than ideas generation.

01 August 2012

Tatty Devine Name Necklace

I love Tatty Devine jewellery, and have a bit of a growing collection. It is all designed and made in England - some of it while you wait!

My favourite piece (up till now) was my sparkly red lightning bolt earrings - I'm even wearing them in my passport photo, but the brilliance of Tatty Devine means they can produce a custom necklace so it was time I got one. Here's a ittle illustration of it:
You choose the text: I chose my name but they can do two words
The font: Ladybug
The colour: Sparkly Red (all the way)
The charm: Lightning bolt to match earrings
and the Chain: Silver
They have lovely people working for them who provide excellent customer service, and delivery, even standard class, is pretty quick. I have four weddings to go to this summer, but now no one can get my name wrong :)
 I recommend checking out the Tatty Devine shops in Covent Garden and Brick Lane - I could spend hours in them looking at all the pretty and sparkly things.

Blue Skies Ahead

So in my last post I shared the idea of fighting for what you want and living your life with colour and energy. This post is about positive thinking. It's about seeing the best in every situation and believing that good times are always ahead of you.

If you can take pleasure in simple, things like a beautiful sky, then it gets harder to be unhappy. I do like to daydream about all the possibilities of what the future could bring. I always let myself believe they are achievable if I keep focused on them.
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