25 May 2013


I can't believe we're at the end of May already. This year is whizzing by so quickly. Since our move to the country side we've been so busy. So many nice places to explore.

 The fields behind our house have a fantastic view.
The skies can be spectacular.
 The biggest change has been adopting a little rescue pup - Ted. He's a lively but daft character and over the past couple of months he's fitted into our home perfectly. He sleeps under my desk when I'm working and reminds me to take a break if I've been there for too long.

We go for fantastic long walks (in all weathers).

We took him to Devon for a holiday:
His sleeping habits can be a little strange...

And he wasn't impressed with his trip to the vets.

Overall, we can't really imagine not having him around.
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