28 December 2013

Making the most of a bad situation

Somehow, during all the excitement of getting ready for Christmas, I did something, I don't know what, to my back. Yesterday, I finally had enough of hobbling round like a crone and went to see the doctor who prescribed super strong painkillers (no drink no driving) and a course of taking things easy (no hopping over to Devon for the weekend).

So now I'm trying to find things to do whilst not actually being capable of doing much of anything at all - even drawing seems difficult as I can't get in a comfortable position long enough to really get into it. Hence, finally getting round to adding something to my much neglected blog.

5 ways I'm making the most of a bad back situation:

1. Cuddling the puppy  - Ted happily doubles up as a hot water bottle and gives me the sympathy I crave.

 2. Watching tutorial videos - to learn more about the software I often use, to find out what the short cuts and impressive tricks are.

3. Watching Christmas TV - something which can be good or bad but generally there are uplifting storylines which stop me feeling glum.

4. Writing lists - like this blog post, plus shopping lists, plans for 2014, thank you letters etc. I'm using Wunderlist as it has very satisfying tick boxes, syncs between my phone, ipad and laptop, and I can email the lists too which is very handy when someone else needs to pick your shopping up for you.

5. Listening to pod casts - I don't normally have the patience to sit and listen to pod casts but I'm choosing inspirational ones like the TED talks, 99u and motivational/business ones to keep my mind ticking over and ready for when I regain full mobility. Here is one of my favourites so far, especially as she swears like a trooper:

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