18 September 2014

I'm an illustrator - I make stuff up!

I have had a great time creating this new piece. It was really nice to just freely doodle whatever came to mind or filled the space.

10 September 2014

Awesome inspiration - Childrens Book Illustration evening at Waterstones

Last night I went to an event at Waterstones, Piccadilly where four fantastic illustrators from Walker Books talked about their work and process in a highly entertaining panel show style discussion. They were Laura Carlin, Jon Klassen, Charlotte Voake and Chis Haughton, all of whom look nothing like my super quick sketch of them. Feel free to look them up and then laugh openly at how wrong I got it.

I was a brilliant evening and really topped up my enthusiasm for picture books. They openly talked about their work, the struggles they may have and the time it takes to create a book, it was really good to hear. I must admit, having studied their work during summer school, I got particularly star struck talking to Jon Klassen and Chris Haughton. Still I managed to get some books signed and even got Charlotte Voake to draw a penguin :)

I spoke to Jon about the joys of creating textures to scan and use in Photoshop, and gave him and Chris one of my penguin postcards each. I hoped they liked them. I will admit openly to emitting a small squeal of excitement when I saw this today:

What have I been doing?

This post could also be titled - How on earth is it 10th September already?

Since my last post I have done a lot of doodling, not all of it going anywhere but I've had lots of fun with it and its been a great non-judgemental/just for me exercise.

I've particularly enjoyed drawing happy sea creatures, with the occasional bunny or duck thrown in.


I did some more work on the penguin story, but I'm popping that aside for a little bit so I can come back to it fresh. I just love drawing goggles though.


I have a new idea for a story about a panda, so I'm just starting to do some character development for the star of the show.


 I think I must have a thing for two tone animals beginning with P - first penguins, now this little guy.

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