28 February 2015

Getting the juices going

When I sit down and draw I don't just throw myself into a final piece. Like any excercise its good to stretch out the muscles before using them, so I usually spend 20mins or so warming up by doodling. I love doodling, there are no rules, no mistakes, no wrongs and no failings. Just the beauty of making marks on the paper for my enjoyment. Some times it leads somewhere new, sometimes it doesn't, but it's always worth it.

25 February 2015

Liking a rough sketch more than the finished thing

I'm about to start revamping my much neglected portfolio to display more of the work I would like to do. My starting place is always my sketch book where I quickly throw down ideas before I forget them, or repeated draw things to work out how they'd look best. These rough's tend to have a lot of energy in them, just honest marks capturing characters and shapes. I'm I'll work through it and find a way, but at the moment I feel like I'm loosing some of the charm of the initial sketch in the final piece.

Here's the sketch I did of Ted enjoying the wind in his ears:

 And the final image:

 And here, is a space boy that I'm working on... I may redraw him again...

05 February 2015

Snow paws

Its been a particularly coldweek, but I don't mind. I like a bit of snow now and again. Here's my little cottage looking wintry the other morning:
Plus walks with Ted are twice as exciting, I have to try to stay on my feet while he's pulling, then wait around while he digs (and eats) the snow.

Wouldn't change him though x

If weeks were bears

I had a bad week in December where nothing was going to plan and I was altogether fed up. I decided to draw how I felt.

03 February 2015

Black and white

A small collection of Instagrams of inky work that I've shared over the past 3 months:

 From pencil scribbles to inky papers.

This one was particularly satisfying, I added to it everytime I was on hold on the phone.

 I was on hold a lot in December trying to sort out my broadband

Roses and leaves

01 February 2015

Too cold

I have the little heater on under my desk but my toes are still cold. Hibernation seems tempting on weekends like this.

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