16 May 2015

Drawing animals

 I am drawing and painting animals, they're not finished yet, but here is some work in progress.

I'm happy drawing away, but it really is a lovely day outside.

10 May 2015

Grinning like a fool

Here I am feeling very pleased with my self at the House of Illustration. I wish I could be super cool about it but the excitement just gets the better of me.

07 May 2015

House of Illustration - achievement unlocked

From the 6th to 16th of May you can see my work at the House of Illustration, Kings Cross, London as part of the Pushing the Envelope Exhibition. Here is a snap of the section I'm in, I'm planning a visit on Saturday to see it for myself.

I sent two envelopes in, both arrived safely and I just about spotted them in a picture of the submission pile:

I really enjoyed the challenge of painting on an envelope. I sketched a few ideas.
 Worked on two that I liked, but then couldn't decide between them.

 So I popped them both in the post, and to my amazement they were both included. I am so proud that my work is hanging where it is, last time I was there was to see the Quentin Blake exhibition.

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