20 July 2015

Time for a change

There is so much going on at the moment, both good and bad, it feels like all the stuff life can throw at you is being aimed at me. I started to feel a bit overwhelemed, I had had enough, so it's time to to plan things out again and spot where I can focus my efforts best. I find the best way to do this is opening my pencil case and finding a large piece of paper.

19 July 2015

Super Ted #dogspam

Ted spends most of his time snoozing in my studio while I work.
He lets me know if I've been sat at my desk too long, especially if its dinner time. I think he worries I might forget.

He can be a naughty imp, and never misses an aopportunity for fun. When Ted runs he really flies, this is him mid flight with a cardboard box he stole.
I take a lot of photos of him, but he is a constant source of amusement and a bit of a poser.
 He loves a good duvet.
 He certainly leads a happy life.

18 July 2015

A lovely surprise

I had a lovely surprise recently, thanks the Illustrated Life Giveaway competition over at Emmeline Illustration I won £20 to spend at Ohh Deer! 

I love Ohh Deer's slogan of Illustrated for Life and often browse their fine wares, so I was particularly excited when the postman knocked on my door holding a bright red box.
I chose:
  • Gemma Correll's Dancing pug tape and Glam Rock coaster (Gemma's work makes me smile)
  • Stop Procrastinating post-its (I really need these, trust me)
  • Swallow bracelet (because, well, shiny things!)
  So lucky, I often enter competions thinking I'll never win, but it just goes to show that it can happen.
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