30 September 2015

September Squares

I love September, I think it's my favourite month - the perfect mix of the last sunny days with fresh crisp mornings and the beginnings of autumn and the jumper season. As you can see from my Instagrams, Ted has had a pretty good month too. He is definitely a character, and working from home I am glad to have him around. He has become particularly fond of burrowing into the duvet when I get out of bed in the morning, I think his motto is 'Never let a warm spot go to waste'. I'm looking forward to it getting a bit colder so we can light our log fire and snuggle in for the long evenings.

The countryside here is pretty spectaular at this time of year too - lots of deer strutting about, hundreds of geese getting ready to migrate and a fair few pheasants running around too. The pheasant are funny, they are generally hidden in the hedges until you get close then they burst out squawking, then they run arround all indignant seeming to forget they can fly.

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