27 November 2015

Notes from Yoillo Talks - Merchandising & Licensing

Wednesday night I popped on a train over to London to catch the Yoillo Talk on Merchandising and Licensing. It's so good to get out of my little office/studio and meet other illustrator, plus I don't feel guilty as I'm learning so much at the same time.

Ben and Fi O'Brien spoke about their brand B Goods, I was aware of their work and their product but it was so good to hear the story behind it all. They really are passionate about what they do and it's quite infectious. I like the idea that every design has its own story, and their creativity when approaching things like product shots. They used Air bnb to find their perfect photo shoot location saving themselves a lot of money.

Next up was Sarah Lawrence who works as a licensing manager for This Is Iris. She talked about what a creative licensing agent does, what she looks for and what makes work suitable for licensing. I didn't know anything about this side to illustration so it gave me lots to think about. I'm fairly tempted to go to a trade fair and have a nose around.

Finally, we listened to Ygraine Cadlocka commissioning editor at Simon & Schuster. She spoke about how publishers license work, often characters from films or tv but also heritage brand such as Miffy. And you know I love a good picture book, well Ygraine covered that off too. Kate Hindley, Becky Baur and David Tazzyman were mentioned, plus I spotted Benji Davies on the slides too.

20 November 2015

Things have seemed a bit dull since Offset London

So last week I spent an amazing two days at Offset London. It was a fantastic experience, 18 inspirational speakers all showing their work and imparting great gleaming nuggets of advice. I made lots of notes, scratched in partial darkness, pages and pages of scrawl that was barely legible.

I decided I would reprocess it, go back through and pick out the meaningful bits, the things that were said that I wanted to remember or think about some more. We were given an A5 notebook in the Offset delegates tote bag, it seemed the best place to collect it all together and make something I could keep and refer back to when needing an inspiration top up. Here are two videos of dubious quality showing the out put of my efforts, they were trickier to create than I thought:

02 November 2015

What happened last month?

October turned out to be a varied and busy month. I failed at inktober because I got stuck into a big meaty project that I hope to share with you soon.

I went to a couple of gigs (the Melvins and Zappa Plays Zappa) both super nights out - I like loud guitars, drummers play with lazer precision, and I had forgotten that. It was great to do something away from the screen and sketch book.

I also went to a life drawing evening. It was the first time in about 10 years I was confronted with a live subject, a blank page and the feeling that I had forgotten how to draw at all. But I loved it. After several 1 minute and 3 minute poses I felt the cobwebs blow away, and by the time we did the one hour pose I had found my groove. If you want to draw for any purpose, I really recommend it, it really helps to truely look and draw what you see. I hope to find time to go again soon.
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