31 December 2015

Goodbye December

December has definitely been a fun month. I was thrilled to get through #illo_advent without missing a day. It was a great exercise in idea generation, daily drawing and building my excitement as Christmas approached.

I have had a lovely Christmas holiday filled with family and friends, and as the new year approaches I have been reflecting on what a great year 2015 has been. I have great plans for 2016, starting with some hard work but I'm sure the hours I put in will be rewarding.

For now, let me wish you a Happy New Year, you gorgeous lot, next year is going to be a great one, yes? So wherever you are, and what ever you may be up to, have a bloomin good one folks.

25 December 2015

Happy Christmas from me and my pencil x x x

Wow it's that magical day! 25 illustrations done *hangs up pencil case and buries herself in mincepies*.

I hope you are all spending the day in a suitably festive way. I have loved this daily challenge but for now I'm off to see my nearest and dearest while my other half works. See you all on the other side x x x

17 December 2015

16 December 2015

A quick curly angel

I've not had enough time to tidy this lady up but I don't want to miss a day so here she is.

14 December 2015


Still trying different effects. This is meant to be a rabbit polishing Rudolph's nose, but I worry now it looks more like he is blowing it.

10 December 2015

Bears Bearing Gifts

A quick one with three bears with their Christmas presents. Trying out flat bright colour.

09 December 2015

Do you want to build a snowman?

After yesterday's picture I thought I should post a black and white one, not sure when it last snowed round here in December but if it did I'll be straight out there.

08 December 2015

Christmas Jumper Bears

I was going to colour them in but I decided I liked the texture of my pencil work too much :)

07 December 2015

Little Shy Donkey

He was going to be a reindeer but once I drew that face I new he was a donkey. The farm up the road from me has about half a dozen donkeys they are all such characters, somehow solemn yet cheeky at the same time. And here is my favourite conversation I've ever had about donkeys:

Me - "What do cats say"
   Small person - "Meoooow!" (With claw hand movements)
Me - "What do cows saw"
   Small person - "Mooooo" (Pretends he has horns)
Me - "What do donkeys say"
   Small person, without hesitation - "Donk! Donk! Donk!" (hands on hips, bending at knees with each donk)

06 December 2015

Kissing Under the Mistletoe

Kissy mice, dog in a jumper, mistletoe! I'm getting into this illo_advent lark. Happy days.

05 December 2015

Little Fawn

I had lots of fun with this one, trying softer effects than I normally would. I think I was slightly chenneling Bambi.

04 December 2015

Elves for #Colour_collective Cadmium Red

A double whammy #illo_advent and #colour_collective. These guys slightly remind me of sycronised swimmers, just a little more festive...

03 December 2015

Pink Earmuff Penguin

A quicky today. Trying out a few strong flat colours. You know I love a good penguin at the best of times, well this one has hot pink ear warmers, what could be better than that?

02 December 2015

Ice-skating Fox

A foxy one for day two of #Illo_Advent. I realise now I should have planned a theme or at least a colour scheme to help me through the challenge. Lesson learnt, will make a note for next year.

01 December 2015

Hello December

So this year I'm joining in with #illo_advent over on twitter. I really enjoyed it as a spectator last year, each day illustrators post a new seasonal picture as a fun creative way to count sown to Christmas. I think it is going to be a challenge to keep up but I hope by creating 24 new pictures whilst still doing the day job I can push myself, try out some new ideas and hopefully feel satisfied at the end. Lets see what happens.

Goodbye November

Wow. November was a busy month, as you can see from my Instagram feed:
A big highlight was definitely Offset, two days rammed full of inspiration and my crazy little notebook got a fair few hits on twitter too. I will probably revisit my notes in the new year to give myself a kick start.
Ted has had a good month too, he seems overjoyed with the fire being used again. Some evenings I find him staring into the fireplace as if dropping the hint that he thinks its time for me to light it. I can't believe he's almost three years old. I still call him the pup, t-puppy pup-bags.
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