29 January 2016

Reviving my Inner Optimist

It has been a tough week, lots of things are up in the air, changing in a way I'm not enitirely happy with or just generally not going to plan. It has been getting me down but instead of wrapping myself in a comforting duvet and eating all the chocolate I'm finding solace in ink. It may not work for everyone but scratching away in my sketchbook doing a personal project is my escape.

I started taking positive phrases and quotes and just playing around with them on paper, but have now started scanning them in and cleaning up the smudgy bits and fingerprints. I'm really getting into it, not too sure where it's going, but its keeping me sane and more importantly helping me to look on the bright side...

Ooo that's another *scribbles 'Look on the Brightside' on the corner of a notebook*

A photo posted by Soni (@sonispeight) on

A photo posted by Soni (@sonispeight) on

A photo posted by Soni (@sonispeight) on

26 January 2016

Making decisions...

In my last post I mentioned that we're having to move, I'm very lucky that I have options but feel a little stuck as none of them give me everything I currently have. One way will probably suck in the short-term but could potentially lead to a great situation, the other would be lovely but just extends the uncertancy longer. Either feels like a gamble right now... Which way do I go?

16 January 2016

Waiting For The Stars To Align

I started the year super focused, I had a plan. A new exciting plan full of goals, deadlines and actions. I was organised. I knew exactly where I was heading when, just as I got going something, unexpected happened. The thing I didn't allow in my plan was the disruption, time and expense involved in suddenly needing to find a new home. The one thing I took for granted, my lovely bumpkin cottage, was being sold by the landlord and we have two months to clear off.

Suddenly everything is uncertain, I know I need to see this as the next adventure, a challenge, something that fate has thrown in my way to mix things up. My perfect plan was not so perfect, I had assumed I had time to be squirreled away uninterrupted in my little studio with a stupid dog.

It really does go to show there is no perfect moment where all things are optimal for success. There will always be something unexpected, a hurdle or a hiccup. It won't stop me reaching my goals, I just need to work a little harder and be a lot more flexible.

And if you are waiting for the stars to align, for that perfect moment to begin, I'd say that time waiting for a sign could be put to better use. Lets get on with it, something will happen and I'm certain it will be interesting.
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