13 February 2016

When Life Gets Me Down I Pick Up a Pencil

Or a pen, paintbrush, crayon… anything I can make a mark with. Next I find some paper – my sketch book is favourite but really any old scrap will do…

And then I draw, doodle, scribble, scratch, smudge until I forget what it was that was troubling me.  Slip into a world of marks, shapes, colours and textures that become a playground, I cross over to my happy place and I feel stress slip away.

Sometimes I draw with purpose, sometimes I draw for other people, or to tell a story, other times its repetitive patterns, all nonsense, wonky, silly, or unrecognisable all together. Whatever it is, it works for me, the simple act of doing and creating something I can see brings me peace. It keeps me sane, and I’m grateful for it.

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