07 June 2016

Summer Illustrations

I love this time of year - when the weather gets warm everyone seems happier. I know I am, the dog certainly is - if you need him, he can be found sunbathing on the lawn.
And other people seem happier too - sat in the parks, having lunch outside, eating ice cream...
Colours seem brighter, days are longer, bees are busier, flowers and trees are looking lush...And the sunsets are beautiful.
I really do love this time of year.

06 June 2016

Working From Home

I love working from home, surrounded by my own things and with my dog, Ted, by the desk (sometimes under it). My routine starts with walking dog as my commute to work; it gets me outside but also gives me important time to day dream and think things through. 

When I get back, make coffee, check emails and social media. If there is lots of interesting stuff to read through then my coffee goes cold, but on a dull day I sip it while I pay bills and check the news, either way, I then make a second cup.

Hot coffee at hand, I crack on with the tasks of the day - researching, sketching, scanning, colouring, talking to clients, planning new projects. Time melts away while I'm doing this. I think it is because I genuinely love what I do. If I'm sat too long without moving Ted gives me a nudge and I'll pay him some attention.

If the weather is nice or I'm feeling uninspired I might go out at lunchtime for another walk and some fresh air. Sometimes stepping away from the desk is all you need for ideas to start flowing again.

In the afternoon, I like to finish things. I don't like having unfinished images sitting around so I often try to finish them before the end of the day, or at leats get to a sensible stopping point. I then make a to-do list for the next day (I love a to-do list) and check emails and social media again to see what's new.

I then walk Ted again as my commute from work. After that, I try to only do things for me - time for fun and relaxation or personal projects. I find having that switch off point of the dog walk keeps me feeling fresh and enthusiastic about work - very important when freelancing as you don't have a boss to motivate you.

The exception to this is when I'm hooked on what I'm doing because the project is too good to stop or the deadline is looming. When this happens, I give myself an hour to unwind and then work late into the night. Which is easy to do when you have the adrenalin of the last minute push, or the thrill and excitement knowing that what you're working on is cool.

As much as I like working from home, it is great to get out and meet people - I love having a natter, I could talk to anyone! I find it so interesting hearing their stories, about the things they are working on and why they are passionate about what they do. Plus, sometimes it helps to mix things up by working in a cafe or take my sketchbook out on an adventure... but most days you'll find me, at my desk, with a mug of tea or coffee and a dog by my side, happily working and singing loudly (and badly) to Spotify.
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